D4DR Media Launches BASEjumper.com

Somerset West (South Africa), July 04, 2007. D4DR Media, leading provider of adventure sport websites, today announced the launch of BASEjumper.com, a global online community for BASE jumpers.

BASE jumping is the sport involving the use of a parachute to jump from fixed objects. “BASE” is the acronym for the four general types of objects participants jump from: Buildings, Antennae, Spans (bridges) and Earth (cliffs).

“BASE jumping is arguably one of the most dangerous and extreme sports on the planet, with a high potential for injuries or fatalities. We do not recommend BASE jumping to anyone,” says Willem Grobler, CEO and President of D4DR Media. “BASEjumper.com serves as an online home for those individuals who have carefully considered their decision to jump and for whom BASE jumping is a lifestyle choice.”

While the site mainly targets the active BASE community, there is something for everyone with an adventurous spirit. BASEjumper.com is loaded with BASE related articles and information, with a particular emphasis on risk and safety considerations associated with BASE jumping. Online video and photo galleries provide a glimpse into the excitement and dangers associated with BASE jumping.

BASEjumper.com also hosts a classified ad section, gear reviews, and an active online forum where jumpers from across the globe can share ideas and discuss issues affecting their community and sport.

Tom Aiello, a highly experienced and respected BASE jumper, will be managing BASEjumper.com for D4DR Media. Tom is a full time BASE instructor who lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA. He made his 1000th BASE jump in August 2002, and has not counted his jumps since that time. He has jumped from more than 200 different objects. Tom is the founder of the Snake River BASE Academy, which is dedicated to teaching and advancing the sport of fixed object parachuting.

“Tom has been working with us at Dropzone.com, our skydiving community, for many years. We strongly believe that the person in charge of our communities should have a passion for the activity that lies at the heart of the site, and Tom fits that profile perfectly.” says Grobler.

BASEjumper.com was built using D4DR Media’s proven technology framework. This stable and scalable open-source platform has been developed, evolved and fine-tuned for more than a decade. It enables D4DR to leverage the synergies of similar functionality between various adventure sport sites while providing the flexibility to offer specific targeted features to any of these communities.

“On the ‘adventure sports curve’ BASEjumper.com is a step to the more extreme for D4DR Media, probably about as far down the curve as you can go. We’ve already established ourselves as the online leader in the skydiving and rock climbing communities. The addition of BASE jumping confirms our commitment to serving the extreme and adventure sport genre.” says Grobler.

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